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Behavioral Flexibility - What are your doorknobs?

Updated: Jul 8, 2019

My Focus for today: Behavioral Flexibility

While I am a Certified Behavioral Life Coach, I wanted to work on some personal behaviors in my life. So, I set out on another quest on my journey to me. I am currently certifying as an NLP Practitioner. What is NLP, you ask? Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

· It is the study of the structure of subjective experience.

· It is a form of brief psychotherapy.

· It is a type of hypnosis.

· It is a self-help and success system that helps you feel confident and motivated.

· It involves modeling excellence and breaking it down into learnable chunks.

o Neuro: Has to do with the mind or the brain.

o Linguistic: Suggests that the mind has a structure in how it communicates. Various NLP tools help you understand this language of the mind.

o Programming: Once you understand the language of the mind, you can change your mind.

· It is a model of, or it augments for life coaching.

Today I am focusing on Behavioral Flexibility.

Behavioral Flexibility is your ability to change what you do is based on the feedback you get is your level of behavioral flexibility. The more flexible you are, the more choices you will have.

An emotionally rigid person has little latitude in which to maneuver. A great example given by Mike Bundrant, Founders, iNLP Center is “ Consider the man who tried to open his front door to go outside. Finding it locked, he kept trying to turn the doorknob. Twenty years later he’s still there, cranking on that knob. Of course, this is a silly example. However, most people have certain “doorknobs” they’ve been cranking on for quite some time. NLP helps you re-think your strategy to get outside.”

Behavioral Flexibility is gained by applying new knowledge and finding new ways to apply your previous knowledge base. It allows you to unlock doors, become more productive, powerful, and knowledgeable and influential. Having the ability to change behavior until you get the desired outcome is very powerful. It is not magic, and it does take work. It takes a log of emotional resources to remain easy going and open when things are not going our way.

What are your doorknobs?

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