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A Journey of a Thousand Miles....

Hello everyone, a snarky disclaimer. If you are easily offended, then there is no need to read further. If you are ready to read my bull, feel free to continue. Well, I faced my biggest fear last night. I acknowledged that I am fat. Not just a little chubby but FAT. Yes, I understand body acceptance is a thing yadda yadda...but this is a health crisis for me. I have had some physiological challenges in 2019 that set me back, but the reality is that it is just one of my many excuses I have had being on weight loss yoyo for years, and enough is enough. Hitting my pregnancy delivery weight made an earth-shattering kaboom on my ego. Let’s face it. I have been in denial in 2019. Those of you that know me or those following me on social media or Forever Stephie, yea, I know I got fat. Shit happens, and now I am dealing with it. I love myself enough to finally deal with it. I did not get this way overnight. It took a few years, but I am on it.

How many have you been where I am? Quickly get dressed and only a speedy glance in the mirror to avoid utter disgust at yourself for letting myself get to this point? Going to a martial arts class or gym class only to realize that you are as flexible as a steel rod? Walking into a meeting with people that have not seen you in a while and see the “wow you got fat” look in their eyes? Hey, those in glass houses should not throw stones….just saying. What the hell? Now, to address every heavy person saying that it is ok to be heavy and preaching self-love. I feel that is the utterings of people that are resigned to being and staying fat. Lastly, my own personal favorite, getting all upset when a hot girl walks a room flaunting the body she earned. Sorry, the truth hurts. To those my age and older, you know those getting AARP letters in the mail....getting old does not mean shriveling up in fetal position and accepting it. The saying is true "A body in motion stays in motion." I am studying to be a NLP practitioner and it is high time I use the tools given to me to change. I have been able to achieve many personal and professional goals, so why not this one. Well, that is something that I am trying to determine myself. So last night, I painstakingly wrote my framed outcome statement because a goal without action is just an unattained dream. Time for some positive framing and some tough love. I have a long way to go but a plan and several contingency plans to get there. I am not a health care provider, but I am a Certified Behavioral Life Coach and it is high time I coach myself back to health, flexibility, and fitness.

My Monday Nugget: A journey of a thousand miles starts with a first step. – Lao Tzu

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