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My Story

I am a high energy business owner, mom, wife, daughter and like many of you, I have so many more titles.    I love the Lord, my husband, my children, my parents, my friends, my dogs, my life, my job and helping others.  

I am super passionate about everything and balancing my awesome corporate job, my family and aging parents were challenging and took its toll on my health.  Stress management was a must, so I began self-exploration to find peace and balance.

That choice was the beginning of my path, my journey to me.  I became a Certified Behavioral Life Coach to help me deal with how I react to "difficult" people and I soon became aware that I am a type "DI" which some people may view me as the "difficult one".... go figure.  

In 2016 I left my awesome corporate job to start my own company to pave my way and find my path. 

I created this blog-journal site as an outlet for my quest for the "bigger picture" of life and my journey of getting to know my soul.      There are so many wonderful things and some not so good things that have happened in my life along the way.   It is my hope that sharing my experiences and feelings (the good, the bad, the funny & the ugly)  will help someone else along the way know that they are not alone.  

Love Always,


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